• Clara Diepenhorst

Meeting of the portrait-artists club ''En Profil.''

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November 3, 2019


Clara Diepenhorst

One of the nice features of this club is that its members are from almost

every province  of Holland. The club sometimes organises festivities or 

minicons wich means that we draw together, and inspire and teach each

other. Those minicons are also attained by befriended non-members that

live in various countrys such as Belgium, Spain, Great Brittain, Austria.

Last month, many members of our club attained a minicon at Brighton

Great Brittain, were they have met other caricaturists from Great Brittain.

But here I write about our meeting with the regular Dutch members.

In the tram I met accidently two new members from Rotterdam,

the main port of Holland. Those two new members Jeffrey de Bruin and

Frank Stoks have discovered recently the joy of portraying people in a

public setting. Not only that but they have a new approach; 

( that is also very old and forgotten) they ask people on the street if they

want to pose, after the drawing is made they can choose to buy it or not.

They use new techniques like drawing realistic style on big, real life format

paper spread out flat on the pavement. Jeffrey de Bruin has a background

of Urban Sketching, that is a worldwide network of people who draw life

in city's, countrysides with people or anything as a subject. 

Jan had made delicious pumpkin-soup and two terrific apple pies with

apples from the yard of a friend and nuts and a good crust. One of the

subjects of the meeting was our cooperation with the organisation

'' Drawing for children.'' We had been drawing portraits of visitors at

Walk Art Park in Zeist to promote this organisation. Other subjects were

the new members, how are mutual website is going,

the annual Montmartre festival in Eindhoven.

After the meeting I talked to Thijs who lives in the province of Overijssel.

I told him how I went there camping and how I love the countryside in

Weerselo/ Overijssel wich turned out to be very near to were he lives.

He told me about his visits to The Hague, my residence.

After a gig he returned straight home by motorcycle, this way he never

learned to know the beauty of other countrysides in Holland besides his own

in Overijssel.

The thought came up to offer him the possibility for the next occasion

to sleep in one of my brand new guest-beds. Oh No! not, I thought.

He has been working in my province, that means the client preferred

his style, or they could not find me quick enough in the search results.

Both can be signs of lower achievements of undersigned.

Sometimes portrait-artists together make me think of a Harry Potter film;

a combination of horror and fun.

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